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Repossed lease under contract

SCAMMER ALERT!! My buddy got his car repossed it was a lease under contract . They wouldn't give a reason wouldn't return calls. Beware of this dealership. Contacted CRA as well as VSA. They need to be shut down asap! Theres some dirty work happening there for sure. My buddy got bent over. Let's make sure no one else does!

User's recommendation: Beware!

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Crooks! Called me saying a single mother with two kids needed a vehicle and they could not get financed, so they wanted to see if I would sell my car to them for an AMAZING deal so they could lease the mother mine. I told them I could come by to have them look at it and see what "Amazing" deal they would give me. I told him I an not interested in having my payments go up as I am not needing another vehicle but wanted to help a mom out. I showed up there and Shad the salesman looked at my jeep and told me he would have his manager do the appraisal. In the meantime he would show me a few vehicles. During this time no one even came to look at my car. Shad then tells me his manager could only get me approved for a 2019 truck. I told him that it isnt worth his time to have me look at a truck until I see the numbers. He said his manager is working on them. I look at the truck, he offers for me to take it for a test drive, I decline. I am not here to buy a vehicle until i see the numbers and the appraisal. So we go back in and he brings me a peice of paper with a big smile and says he got an amazing deal. The truck was listed at $58,000 but they took $12,000 off the asking price. They would give me $17,000 for my jeep and even pay the tax. That I would need to put $1500 down and my payment would be $404 bi-weekly for 84 months. I laughed at him and asked if was trying to insult me with this offer. In what world would I trade my car in for book value, double my payments and pay $1500. He said that it is the best his manager could do, and this was a non committal courteous vehicle appraisal. Umm, what? What about the single mother, I never needed an appraisal. I asked to speak with a Manager. Some tall clown came over with a big uneducated smirk across his face and began telling me how they were getting me the best deal because of my negative equity blah, blah. I advised him that I didnt need a vehicle, didnt even need there help as I have a perfect jeep already. I questioned him about the single mother story, and his response with a big smirk was well yah, there are always single moms. He then proceeded to tell me that instead of $1500 down, he would give me $2,000. I laughed so hard. $2,000?!? I asked him how he felt $2,000 would persuade me. If I need $2,000 I would ask my Husband, not take out a car loan. He then asked me what I was willing to pay. I said $277 biweekly like I have said the whole time. He said he would go check things out. Walked away, 2 mins later hands me my keys and tells me to have a nice day. This place is a joke. If you want to waste your time and get lied to and get ripped off, for sure visit them. I did the math when I got home and If I had fallen for their ploy I would have ended up paying over $73,000 for a truck that would have not even been worth 30,000 when I drove off the lot. Not today Satan, not today!
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Same happen to me

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Poor customer service

Bad communication and lies

Here is a full review I had an appointment on Thursday July 25th at 0945, for both front axle seals leaking and noisy clutch(squeaking) after 5 to 10 minutes drives every single times I drive it. I waited a couple of months for the problem to be every time so they wouldnt tell me they cant hear it. I explain the service advisor, that I worked as a apprentice technician and service advisor for another Chrysler, dealership so I knew the process and knew vehicles quite well. The service advisor called me back late Thursday, mentioning the technician that can do transmission under warranty wasnt at work on that day and would be there the next day, friday, which I believed, not all technician have their levels for transmission. She also mentioned that the axle seals where getting worked on as we spoke. Which means the parts were in stock, because a technician would never take the differential cover off and drain the fluid if they weren't. On Friday, an other service advisor called me. Telling me that the axles seal were warranty and that they are ordering the parts. Right away, I was confused because I was told they were done on the Thursday. Also she told me that the technician couldnt hear the noise for the clutch, which mean they didnt take it for a 5 to 10 minutes drive. But she swore they did. Which is a lie Saturday no communication. Monday, Kelsey called back around noon. Mentioning they fixed one axle seal and order the part for the other side and they were now about to take it for an other test drive. Right away I knew it was a lie. I was told the parts were ordered on friday and the technician would NEVER pull the diff cover off, drain the fluid, replace one seal, put the cover back on and fill the diff to repeat it all again the next day. So I went to the dealership, when I arrived they were just coming back from the test drive and now they could hear the noise, surprising. I asked to talk to the manager, which he told me the axles seal were not done and had to do more diag on the clutch. Which mean they had the vehicle for 5 days and all they really did was taking it on a test drive and ordered parts that they could get overnight or from an other dealership. I called a different dealership and they confirmed the parts could get shipped overnight from the warehouse, or there was other dealership with the parts in stock they could have ordered from. So the vehicle was ready on Thursday, a week later for 6 hours job for both axle seals and clutch release bearing (2.3 and 3.7 respectively), which is unacceptable. After the fact, I received and email mentioning I would get another email with a survey, but If I could not give them 100%, to email them with my concern. Which I did. it has been 2 weeks, I have reveiced nothing from them and they never sent me the survey, Probably didnt want to have a bad survey so just removed my email from the list. taking the easy way out.
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Poor customer service
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just want to inform other people to avoid the service department

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